Biennial Health Check

Almost two years ago, on December 14, 2014, when my health fell in dire straits, I sent you a silly report titled Aging Fast and Furious.

My friend J and I had lunch the other day. Among other things, he asked me how I felt health-wise. Part of the conversation went like this:

Me: Life is all well and good. I live … like a daisy now.
J: Good for you. You’re living with a gal named Daisy?
Me: I wouldn’t mind, but no, no, no. I said my life is like the flower daisy now.
J: Oh, I see. You got me all excited for you. Why life like a daisy?


Sedentary are my daysdaisy1
Nice, repetitive
The daisy way

Quiet is the word
Only by a daisy’s ear could it be heard
My shriveled face
Well-laid wrinkles’ perfect place
So no, it’s not dandy like a daisy
But my daily routines
They are
Comfortable and comparable by all means
No running children in the house to pat
No rowdy dogs or cats in the backyard to bat

Morning breaks, and says hi!
Politely the sun comes in my bedroom
Like a daisy, I open my eyes
There’s no rush to get up right away
There’s no hurry to do anything today
Not running for a wide-open public office
Not making any promises that are willy-nillies
Not delivering any speeches that are shilly-shallies
Numerous past mistakes to reflect
Inconsequential successes to dissect
I tell myself it’s OK
Who’s otherwise to say
Bonny prince or bloated toad
I decide what I am, hey!

Oh, daisy, I admire you
So pretty, so calm, so you
Do things bother thee?
Are you always so full of glee?
Is this your zen?
Can you teach me
A callow old dodo caged in a den?

A few short hours later
Soon after the sun sets itself
Behind the Pacific water
Like a daisy, in my bedroom I surmise
Again waiting, for tomorrow’s sunrise

Like a daisy…

*** The End ***


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