Best wishes to a couple of good friends

I hadn’t heard from or about two good friends for a while. So I wrote H and asked her how she and her husband L were doing lately. She replied and told me that she was doing well, but L was having some medical problems with the heart. Although our friendship goes back decades, I didn’t want to probe into their privacy and I didn’t ask for details, but I do wish them well.

My Wishes

Best Wishes

Mr. and Mrs. L
Here’s a thought from myself
From one heart patient to another, wishing you well

Spring is here
Sunshine is near and dear
Like wheels spinning forward, seasons rotate
We’re all progressing in age
Let’s hope we become more sage
Can’t say that about me, but you folks would fit that image

Yet, as believers, you very well know
We can’t tell until the Lord decides to show
Which fork in life we should follow

For someone like me
Who hasn’t gone to church much
Not even on Sunday for its free milk tea
Since Jesus visited Toronto
I don’t know how far my prayers would go
But I assure you
My feelings are true

In the meantime, I wish you peace
For the moment, I wish you rest
Above all, I wish you recovery and happiness

*** The End ***

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