The Liar King

A few weeks ago the New York Times published a list of daily lies that Donald Trump had made over the last few months. I used the word “daily” not as an exaggerated adjective for “many,” but in the literal “every day” sense.

Liar King1

Many months ago I wrote an article describing Humpty Dumpty as a psychopath. See my Moment dated February 26, 2017. Now, after reading this painstaking record by reporters David Leonhardt and Stuart Thompson on June 23, 2017, I could safely say that we are looking at a man who truly has many talents, this time as a bona fide pathological liar. Among the hundreds of concoctions he created, there were the early story about former president Barrack Obama’s genealogy, and the latest debacle of the “Trumpcare” health bill which he promised would be better, cheaper and more accessible to all Americans. Trumpcare is euphemistically called the Better Care Reconciliation Act by Republicans in Congress and Trump himself. Lies, of course. One, Mr. Obama was native-born. Two, Trumpcare couldn’t even convince enough Republican legislators to vote for it. (A lot of die-hard Trump fans still refuse to recognize either of those Trump lies.) The lies go on and on, and will be nurtured and grown by this unbalanced gardener like a beautiful sequoia of sour grapes.

Honestly, can you name one other person who lies as much? If you do, let me know. We could compile a list of the biggest liars in the history of mankind and send it to the N. Y. Times as both a supplement and compliment to their article. To honor Trump, the Guinness Book of Records may even get interested in creating this new category if they don’t have one already.

In his untreated warped mind, Trump may be saying things to keep his base of followers happy – people who will believe anything he says regardless of the circumstances and facts, and of course these are people who don’t want to hear anything the majority of media have to say, but choose to believe everything propagandized by self-preserving sycophants like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity at Fox News. O’Reilley was number 1 rated at Fox News but was lately fired for sexual harassment of female colleagues. Hannity is still very much highly rated and around at Fox. So if you want to hear good news about Trump, you still have your source of elixir.

Here’s the encyclopedia of lies as mouthed by Donald Trump:
(If you have trouble opening this link, try to copy and paste it to your search engine.)

It’s hard to guess what a mentally disturbed person likes or dislikes, but I have a hunch that Trump may actually like owning the Crown of Liar King. Now that he’s trying to act like a monarch, with unqualified relatives and henchmen and women running private business — and God knows what else — from the White Castle, this self-aggrandizer may like that title as long as it has the word “king” in it. Hey, somebody called me KING. ABOUT TIME!

Liar King2

*** The End ***

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