Prayer for an Angel and Her Family

“I am very sad, but I don’t hate anybody. Doing the latter would destroy Heather’s conviction and kindness when she was alive”.(see Footnote 1).

Prayer for an Angel1Those were paraphrased words of Susan Bro, mother of Heather Heyer, who was killed in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017. She was 32 years old. Miss Heyer was a counter-protestor in a white supremacists march. The latter were protesting against the take-down of a Robert Lee statue. (Lee was a historical “hero” for slave-owners during the Civil War.) The authorities are still investigating, but from the videos taking by various people at the scene, it is believed she was killed when 20-year old neo-Nazi James Fields allegedly drove his car into the crowd of counter protestors. We have to keep in mind that Fields is not guilty until proven. But we do know that an innocent and brave life was violently taken away from her, from her loved ones, from us.

An Eulogy for Heather Heyer

The alt-rites are all wrong
Karl’s kwazy kwiminals are indeed crazy
The neo-nazis are … non-sense
This land is not your land alone
It belongs to you, to us, and a whole bunch of others too, all along

Heather Heyer, you were right
You believed in equality
You believed in fairness
Heather Heyer was white

The so-called president is all wrong
Robert Lee fought for slave ownership
Dunno, you dunno your history
In your rush for fringe votes, you joined the crew on John Newton’s slave ship…SAD

Heather Heyer, you were right
You believed in human rights
You believed in skin transparency
Heather Heyer was white

Heather Heyer, you were right
You fought for the rest of us without a weapon in hand
But you are the shield for us all, behind which we firmly stand
Heather, you were white, and black, and brown — you were us
Now you are at the side of God in Heaven
Will you be our Guardian Angel, thus
We, and our children, know love is worth living for
It’s worth fighting for!

Prayer for an Angel2At Miss Heyer’s funeral, her mother Susan Bro said, “We don’t all have to die. We don’t all have to sacrifice our lives. They tried to kill my child to shut her up. Guess what, you just magnified her.” Thank you, Ms. Bro and Heather’s father, Mr. Mark Heyer, for raising an angel disguised as a common American girl. We can’t bring back Heather. But please be assured that millions of people, all over the world, have each and every one of you in our hearts.

1. I recorded these words from memory after I heard them on one of the TV interviews. They may not be 100% verbatim of what she said, for which I apologize. If you could find her exact words, please let me know and I’ll reprint them in respect to Heather and her mother Susan.

*** The End ***

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