Rocket Man v. Dotard

Who am I talking about here if you don’t already know? At the recent United Nations Assembly, so-called US president Donald Trump Rocket Man 1(212)called the dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un the Rocket Man. Kim, through his state media, reciprocated the honorific gesture and named Trump the Deranged Dotard. Although intended as personal insults, the monikers are actually apt images of these two nasty peas in the same narcissistic pod. Kim likes to play with missiles, hence the Rocket Man. Trump gets older and more unbalanced every day; being described as a deranged dotard isn’t over the top either.

The childish but destructive rhetoric from both leaders escalated. Trump warned North Korea would be totally destroyed if NK tried to invade the US and its allies. Kim responded that the US had declared war against his country with that threatening statement from Trump. Did they mean that? Or was it just bluff and bluster as usual? Most people would hope it is the latter. But when two mad egos are bruised, there is no telling what happens next. We are closest to the brink of a nuclear war since WWII in 1945, and that prospect is nothing to brag about.

I am a cowardly but peaceful man. I’ve never got into physical fights in my whole life. Not even once. I went to primary and secondary schools with no bullies around. Either that or I wasn’t considered a worthy enemy. There were some crazy teachers and students, but they always left me alone. Later in life, I got my physical energy off in a Judo dojo, where the floor was thickly matted and people went there to be practice partners, not mortal gladiators. Then why would I promote a cage fight between Unno and Dunno?Rocket Man 2

These two men talk trash and speak tough every day. None of them ever served in the military or fought a war. It’s time they prove their manhood. Get inside the ring, mano a mano in front of the world, you self-important maniacs! I guarantee you a TV audience bigger than a presidential inauguration. Even if one of them gets seriously hurt in the tournament, that’s only one victim, and he most probably won’t die. That one casualty sure is a lot less than the 77 million in the Korea Peninsula and the 325 million in the United States. And I’m not even counting the collateral damage in the neighboring countries, around the globe, and to our unborn children.

Unno and Dunno, are you chicken, or are you game?

*** The End ***

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