What would you do with a million dollars to spare?

Zappos1The following is a very simple answer from a company called Zappos, which to this uninformed shopper is an on-line shoe company. (They apparently sell a lot more merchandise in addition to shoes.)

Zappos2Zappos, directed by CEO Tony Hsieh, set up a fundraiser of $1 million to support the families of the victims who lost their lives on October 1. That’s on top of their pledge to pay for all the funeral costs of those who perished.

It seems unfortunate that it takes tragic events like a mass murder for us to notice how many caring people there are. They are out there, and I am grateful, not only for their large monetary contributions, but more importantly, their broadcast and propagation of goodwill and kindness.

Despite all the negative news we hear constantly and instantly in this electronic age, maybe we still have hope: some of us still have love in their heart.

I don’t have a million dollars to match Mr. Hsieh and his company’s generosity. But I was quite moved and I sent in a tiny donation with these words: Deepest condolences to the victims’ families. Kudos to Zappos. Love matters.

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