Horndogs Running Amok

I can’t attribute it to one person who started it, but it seems like more and more women who have been sexually harassed by men are saying “Enough is enough!” and they are coming out in droves to expose the perpetrators. It is not a new problem. But it is a new phenomenon that women in the U.S. are finding courage to call out the men who abused them. Names include past presidents George H. HorndogsW. Bush, Bill Clinton, and sitting president Donald Trump. “Lesser-knowns” are Harvey Weinstein (movie producer) Roy Moore (former state judge and candidate for the US Senate), Al Franken (current US senator), Louise C.K (popular comedian), and the list goes on and on.

For reasons beyond me, most molesters, especially those preying on minors, are men. At least that is largely reported. However, the sickness of pedophilia is not limited to the male gender. Just this week, a female high school teacher in Canadian County, Oklahoma, was arrested and charged with statutory rape against a male student of her school. She already admitted to the crime to the police. Statutory rape is the crime of an adult having sex with a person under a certain age, even if the physical relationship is consensual. In Oklahoma, the protected age is up to 16. Some states go as high as 18.

I talk about this unpleasant topic with the danger of potential victims in mind. They are usually women working for powerful men, and children under the supervision of grown-ups. If you are an adult working for a wealthy and powerful boss, be aware of sexual overtures that cross your personal limit. Report them – to a lot of coworkers, sue them, or quit. A swift kick to the horny pig’s groin may also be good. If you are a parent of minor children, please, please teach them that it is NOT okay for an adult to go on a “date” with them, nor to allow them touching each other’s private parts. Encourage them to tell you right away if that ever happens.

If there is a silver lining to all these awful reports about sexual harassment lately, it is not to let these bad people get away with it any longer. Don’t brook them with their dirty behaviors, book them to the police!

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