State of the Prostate

A relative of mine, whom I shall call Samuels, was diagnosed with a growing prostate. According to one doctor at a

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hospital in the United States, the gland seemed to be developing fast and the patient might want to consider a biopsy to find out more about the abnormal increase in size.

Samuels is a veteran from Taiwan, which afforded him free (or close to free) medical services in his home country. So instead of having to pay a local hospital thousands of U. S. dollars for further examination and treatment, he took a “medical vacation” home.

At the Taiwanese hospital the doctors did the biopsy and gave him the good news. The growth was benign and they sent him home. Three days later he developed an infection and his body temperature shot up to 104 degrees F. He was immediately invited back to the hospital like a VIP. This time they kept him there for a week because of that complication. Despite that scare, he recovered.

He admitted freely that he really thought that was it for him. He was sure either he was going to burn to death by the raging inferno inside his head, or he was going to turn into an albino due to the excessive quantity of white blood cells under his skin. I teased him that men aren’t supposed to concede to fear like that. His reply: When you have to go to the bathroom two times a night, I don’t know how much of a man is left in this body.

At the same time, he said, this episode taught him to look forward to life, that every day is a new day, that he learns to have a little more appreciation for his wife who is gently aging with him but beautiful as ever, his sometimes-misbehaving-but-still-lovely children and his work-is-never-done vegetable garden. Since adopting this new outlook on life, he continued, he even found his brother-in-law almost pleasant to deal with. Wise words from Colonel Samuels.

Health trivia of the day: What is the female prostate called?++

*** The End ***

(The dissemination of this writing is for non-commercial enjoyment only. The author reserves the copyright for himself)  ++Answer: Skene’s Glands


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