Meandering Hearts: San Francisco Style (Part VI)

After three weeks of marathon dating, Fanny and Akwong had probably told each other everything they could think of. When they were together again, however, there was always something else to talk about.

Time flies like a Boeing 747 when you are having fun. In the fourth week of Akwong’s vacation, and three days before he was to return to Hong Kong, Akwong decided to tell Fanny how much he liked her.

Meandering Hearts_D“May I kiss you?” Akwong held Fanny’s face in his hands as he spoke longingly.
“I’m sorry, Akwong, it may complicate things …. I’m sorry.” Fanny put her hands on top of Akwong’s hands on top of her face.
“Why, I thought you and Willy were over.”
“Yes, we are. I really like you, Akwong, and I hope you don’t forget me once you go back to Hong Kong because I won’t forget you.”
“Then, what is it?”
“It’s not you, it’s not us. It’s Jessie. I can’t commit myself to a new relationship now. I want to keep the status quo in the family for her, so to speak.”
“I understand.”
“When you are back in Hong Kong, we can video talk on Skype like teenagers do.”
“I thought we already acted like two amorous teenagers over the last three weeks. I am having a great time. Thank you, Fanny.”
“Me, too, Akwong. When Jessie goes to college, and if we haven’t found a new mate yet, you will be my first candidate.”
“Really. Until then, you can kiss my cheeks. Smiling face

He kissed her on both cheeks, holding her hands in his while she let out a small moan.

Meandering Hearts_EA

*** The End ***

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