John Sir’s Daily Lesson #103 (约翰老师的每日一课:第103课)

Lesson #103:

(12 December 2018)

“Need makes the old wife trot.” 

(English) Meaning:

  1. Circumstances may compel us to act in a certain way.
  2. We cannot avoid doing it when there is no alternative.
  3. Needs must when the devil drives.
  4. We must follow some certain course when there is no alternative.
  5. Also used as an excuse for not resisting temptation.

(繁)意思:【事急老嫗跑】。也可以引伸為“在沒有選擇的情況下,我們不得已而為之” 或“情勢所迫,只好如此” 。



lǎo pǎo

也可以引申為“在没有选择的情况下,我们不得已而为之” 或“情势所迫,只好如此” 。

语音:英语(John Hung)/普通话(范麗丹




Other Learning: Necessity knows no law.(“事急馬行田” / “事急马行田”)。




*** The End ***

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