Reader Response to Chelsea’s Story

Last week I wrote about Chelsea’s relationship with her mother and how she missed the latter. That story touched a few readers’ hearts and they sent in some sympathetic words to Chelsea.

AL wrote from Hong Kong:

Response to Chelsea storyPlease tell Chelsea that from the Buddhist perspective, death is not the end of one’s existence. It is just the beginning of another life in another form or body.

Please ask her to try to control her grief and don’t get carried away by it. Her mom’s spirit would not want to leave this world should she find that Chelsea is still strongly attached to her morally despite her physical departure.

From AC in Canada:

面對親人的離世、尤其是父或母親在我們面前嚥下最後一口氣那一刻、需要頗長時間去克服和淡忘(我爸 1985 年去世到現在、偶然那一刻都會浮現)。你朋友和她媽媽一同渡過她成長路、婚姻、離婚後的艱難時刻。媽媽的撒手人寰另她少了個依靠、但隨著時日年過一年、應該釋懷畢竟以後日子還是要自己面對和渡過。她有子女嗎?如有的日子比較容易打發、如冇希望她找到一個可以照顧到她的人來生活。


In the wake of the death of a loved one, especially your father or mother, and having witnessed the taking of their last breath, it takes a person a long time to come to terms with it, let alone forget it. (My father died in 1985. I still have flashes of that last moment in my mind.) Your friend and her mother apparently spent a lot of years together: her growing up, marriage, divorce and the difficult time afterward. Her mother’s death took part of your friend’s support system with it. I hope as time goes on, she will face the fact that she has to travel the future herself. Does Chelsea have children? If she does it would make the loss of a mother a bit easier. If she does not have children, I hope she finds someone special to love her and take care of her.

From CL in Canada:

Hope your friend Chelsea finds comfort in the poem you wrote for her and her mom.

Thank you, readers! It’s nice and sensitive people like you who keep me writing every week. It’s gratifying to know that love and kindness exist in abundance, at least among you all. Your responses also give me some breathing time while I ponder upon what to produce next week.

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