My good friend Kate forwarded me the following poem. It came without a title, which I shall plainly call A Friend.

A Friend 

a friend is a friend
they stick together
a friend is a friend
you will love forever

a friend is a friend
they are always there for you
a friend is a friend
I’m there for them too a friend is a friend
I’ll never forget a friend is a friend

FriendsI thought that was very good. In copying the spirit of that poem, without technically committing plagiarism, here’s my response:

A Friend – Version 2.0 

A friend is a comrade
Who is always by my side
When I am weak and tried

A friend is a fiend
Who honestly and viciously
Reasons with me
When I am wrong and indiscreet

A friend is a foe
A devil’s advocate
Who boldly and caringly
Tells me
When I step on somebody’s toe

A friend is a godsend
Who pampers me
When I am tired and spent

A good friend
A many-splendored event! 

*** The End ***

(The dissemination of this writing is for non-commercial enjoyment only. The author reserves the copyright for himself)

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