Ben Lau

照片1A(75)nameGraduated as Master of Fine Arts at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN, Ben is the third son of Gen. Lau Tung Choi, commander of the 63rd Chinese Nationalist Army, c. 1948. Both General Lau and Ben’s maternal grandfather are accomplished calligraphers. When Ben came to New York from China, he had no idea that he would become an artist. His meeting with the great American master, Knox Martin, in 1976 set him on the path for a lifetime of artistic endeavor. Ben was hailed by the great Knox Martin of New York as the greatest Oriental painter since Hokusai in 1975.

In Ben’s works can be found the strong calligraphic and poetic elements. Ben believes that the true artist is a mediator between beauty and the material world since he is able to work magic with his subjects. Ben’s genuine understanding of Egyptian Art, Greek Art, Islamic Art, African Art, Oriental Art and the arts of modern masters like Titian, Rembrandt, Cezanne, Picasso and Matisse qualify him as a candidate of choice for the instructorship of painting. On the walls of Penn Lake Library in Bloomington, Minnesota are some Ben’s on permanent display.

Selected Exhibitions
2004 “Works of Ben Lau through the Years,” Karessamia, Duluth, MN
2004 “MFA Mid-Program Review,” MCAD, Minneapolis, MN
2002 “Painting and Drawings of Ben Lau,” Frank Stone Gallery, Minneapolis
1996 “Group Show at Gremillion & Company,” Houston, Texas
1995 “Apple Valley Art Festival,” Apple Valley, MN
1993 “Group Show: Hong Kong Artists’ Outcry against Tien An Mun Massacre,” Hong Kong
1987 “Ben Lau” Solo Exhibition with Publication, Hong Kong
1985 “City Life” OTB Bank, Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong
“1983 “Art Fringe Festival / Featuring: Ben Lau” Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong


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