A Dream for Peace

Iran and a few so-called western nations signed an anti-nuclear treaty the other day. While some snub their noses at the signers’ truthfulness while others scratch their heads at its meaning and how it is to be enforced in non-deadly ways, we the general populace of the planet can at least take a breather until the next big crisis in that region comes.

A Dream for Peace1AA Dream for Peace 

I dream that no nation will build more nuclear bombs
I dream that the United States
Will decrease its stockpile soon
Zero will be as pretty as the mid-July moon

I dream that Russia
Will do the same
I dream that China and India
Will act just as quickly
Like the way they came up in high technology
I dream that England, France, Israel and Pakistan
Will be as kind
In saving their children
And what they want to leave behind

I dream that patriotism is not
Badly translated as jingoism
That love of our people
Does not equate to the put-down of others
Hate for the Muslims
Does not make you more Christian
Hate for the Jews does not bring you closer to Allah
Hate for the Russians does not picture you more Americana
Hate for the Japanese does not render you more Chinese
Hate for “Asses” makes you no more Beautiful
You just become an Ass yourself, so miserable

I dream that in 500 years
People will be so rich and blended in pedigree that
There will be no more Race X
There will be no more Race Y
Because we are all X, Y, Z, forever tied

Peace never happened on Earth before
And we’ve been here for millennia
Shame on us!
The sun and moon take turns to shine
Peace will perhaps someday join them
Nurture us with no borderline
If we all try

I keep dreaming
No more wars
Raid and rape
Pillage and plunder
Conquer and kill
Enough is enough!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost
With Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful
Looking up to Buddha and His Kindness
Addressing the name of your Deity
Swearing in the names of your fore-parents
Will you join my dream too?A Dream for Peace2A

*** The End ***

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