Another Creek in the Woods

One day in a California town last week Another Creek_1
My good friend CC took a walk along a creek
Afterwards he wrote a beautiful poem
Creek in the Woods is his title for it

In Richmond Hill in my neighbourhood
There’s also a creek in the woods
Either by bicycle or on foot
To being there is always worth looking forward

Another Creek_2CC, you said you spoke with the lovely creek
Thus for this verse you sowed a seed
In the woods you weren’t really alone
As I was doing the same per pictures shown

Imagine you could see far away eastward
You’d have seen this creek in the woods
Me walking along the creek in the woods
See, it’s also a creek under the woods

Another Creek_3Since it was quite balmy
I didn’t have to put on my hood
Now that I’m home even warmer ‘n comfy
And literally out of the woods
With your encouraging inspiration
Comes to me this good writing mood

This verse is certainly elementary Another Creek_4
Hope that you can bear with me
Give me a few more years
To grow towards more decent poetry
Then I’ll try to write again
A verse on this creek in the woods
Hope that you’ll approve then
And say, “Finally, it is good.”
For the time-being, my friend
For your inspiration, many thanks!


Another Creek_5  Another Creek_6

*** The End ***

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