Yesteryear Once More – Class of ‘71

Happy and Healthy New Year!Yesteryear Once More (2015) _F1
This is day 19 of 2016.
Equidistantly and coincidentally,
We got only 19 more days in this lunar year.
Shall we review some photos of us ’71-ers ?
By clicking with my finger,
I’ve selected 71 photos,
From my Windows Pictures folder.
Now, let’s be on the same page:
On page 19 of the new calendar,
We recap 71 scenes from the year past
Of Wah Yan’s 1971 class.

Thanks to many photographers:
Schoolmates and respective better half,
For taking pictures when getting together,
In Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China,
Singapore, Malaysia n’ Australia.
As well as the United States,
And of course Canada,
On both countries’ east ‘n west coasts.

The pictures came via email or WhatsApp,
(Receiving them always makes me glad; )
Or taken with my clumsy finger,
On my cell phone or “dummy melon” camera.
Or copied from the website of our class.
Thanks to all contributors,
Including our tireless webmaster!

The Dropbox URL links to a PowerPoint;
Embedded in it is a popular song.
So play the slides with audio on,
And view auto-flipping photos on your PC “mon”.
I haven’t paid for royalty of this wonderful song,
To Wah Yan’s long-time friend,
The evergreen artist Principal Tam.
So only to WahYanites should the file be sent.

In lieu of giving credit by naming each ‘n everyone,
One big thank-you ‘n hope that all of us have fun!
To all of you my dear friends,
“Thanks, Be Healthy ‘n Happy” once again!
Not forgetting where our friendship began,
Blessings aplenty to Wah Yan!

*** The End ***


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