Missing a Friend on this Day

Missing a Friend on this Day

Enter the Monkey for the 7th day,
We Chinese call it All Men’s Birthday.
Coincidentally it’s also St. Valentine’s Day.
My friend writes a piece of poetry.
He has the following to say:
“ … Searching for your familiar smile …
… Remembering the scent on the pillow case …”

May I respond this way:
My friend, you are not alone!
But if you feel lonely at home,
Just shout to this chat-group,
That would arouse your friends’ talking mood,
Faster than any general can mobilize his troops.

So on earth we don’t miss one another,
But rather ….
Three years ago today on the lunar calendar,
It’s cloudy and windy here in Richmond Hill;
Albeit not as cold as minus 20 degrees now I feel.
Together with classmates from the United States,
We paid our last respect to a dear ‘mate.
It’s this likeable fellow that we do miss,
Also the loud laughter that’s unmistakably his.

Remembering the smile on his jolly face,
More than the scent on the pillow case.

Missing a Friend on this Day2

*** The End ***


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