An Open Letter to My Adult Children (and Secretly to My Inner-Self)

Open LetterI have two smart children – the obvious assessment of a very one-sided father. This proves the theory that even unremarkable men can produce exceptional offsprings. Lately, my boys have been taking trips domestically, and abroad in Europe and South America, either for study, work, or just plain pleasure. The lines between school, job and fun are sometimes broad and blurry. But that’s OK. Ever since they were young and were selectively listening to Dad’s words, I encouraged traveling to new places to see new things as opposed to learning books by rote.

So boys, here we go again, some trail mix for thought:

A Simple Dad’s Guide to Living

Don’t get into debt
Stay outside legal dragnets
Make a little money for household necessary
Do a few things that are fun and funky
Travel to places far-away
Tutor disadvantaged children without asking for pay
Help the poor and homeless….
Whatever hits your fancy
Young and restless
You got time to be chancy

Oh yeah
Don’t forget to find a love partner
Know that Perfect only waits in a Disney parlor
Even there, beware of sharks and alligators
If you find someone beside you fighting Darth Vader
Count yourself lucky, hold on to that pink light-saber
Open your mind
Go with your heart
Welcome love and love them back
They do live nearby
Just be nice to people
Patient with yourself
Be happy, life is a journey in itself
It can be swell!

*** The End ***


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