Reader response to Prayer for Syria

Well, I am still typing with both hands. So God or Allah didn’t accept my prayer, didn’t cut off my hand for my evil request, but a couple of readers did respond with their comments and empathy.

Syrian3Reader L said:

Thank you for being so thoughtful in expressing so…. appropriately grieve for the inherently evil traits in us. This world is getting worst by the minute….

Reader C said:

It is so sad to hear of the on-going violence and senseless brutalities all over the world. Even more sad that seemingly so much continue to stem from religious differences. What’s our next generations going to be like!!

I had a serious disease in 2014 – this is old news to many readers. That near-death experience told me something. If I were a true believer in the teachings of deity and a practitioner of his or her wisdom, I would boldly say that I had been crucified and I no longer live, that I only carry on with a yearning to love and care, and be loved and cared back once in a while. But I am not that good of a person, not even a fraction of it.

As a fellow human being, who has been “hiding” in relative comfort in North America most of my life, I feel uneasy about this comfort. I feel guilty. What can an ordinary man like me do? What can we collectively do to make the world a little better?

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