Where Music Takes Them – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Back to Hayland

When Jenny came home in Hayland, she had to return a few phone calls to people who called her when she was in Mendocino. One of Music7them was her younger sister Helen.
Jenny: “Hey, sis. I’m returning your call.
What’s up?”
Helen: “Nothing, just wanted to see how you’re
doing. We haven’t talked for a while.”
J: “I know. I was in Mendocino.”
H: “Did you save any lives in weed country?”
J: “No, it wasn’t a medical emergency. But
I was with a cute patient who was love-
H: “Oh my God, sis! Anybody I know?”
J: “Don’t think so. It’s some guy I met in
my guitar class.”
H: “How romantic. I want to know all the juicy details.”
J: “Good try, but no details.”
H: “Not even for your dear sister? Stingy.”
J: “Alright, nosey parker, it was a doozy.”
Helen was cracking up on the other end now, “That good, huh….”

(Jenny and Eddy’s story to be continued.)

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