Reader Response to Where Music Takes Them

A couple of weeks ago I finished the story “Where Music Takes Them.” Reader A, who is equally fluent in English and Chinese, gave me the following feedback, partly to tell me her feelings, and partly to test my Chinese skill.

“看完你的短篇故事,覺得故事有點太簡單牽強,對於雙方背景一點都沒提到,內心的感覺也都沒觸及,我本人覺得這種愛將會是來得快去Responses Music Takes2得快,因為根基不穩如同建立在沙堆上。”

My translation: The story is a bit thin and stretched. No background of either character was described. Neither were the inside feelings of the parties involved. This type of romance will come and go fast – like something built on sand dunes.

I agree, Reader A. And I thank you for writing me.

When I wrote the story, I wanted it to be semi-reality and semi-fantasy, although it was VERY loosely based on a true relationship.

Reader S, in his 50s, I believe, opined:
“….That’s real sweet. Where do I find a girl like that?….”

Responses Music Takes1

To Reader S, I say: If you are single, go to every party you are invited, no matter how uninteresting it may sound on the outset. Do some volunteer work, take a class in arts and crafts, sewing, music, auto repairs, or whatever hits your fancy. I sound like Dear Abbey now, don’t I? My point is that new friendships are not junk mail and they don’t get delivered to your front door; you have to go looking for them. Sitting at home feeling miserable surely doesn’t help. So get up from that perpetual couch, leave the never-ending TV, go out and meet someone. Today!

*** The End ***

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