John Sir’s Daily Lesson #27 (约翰老师的每日一课:第27课)

Lesson #27:

(27 September 2018)

“Barking dogs seldom bite.”

(English) Meaning:

  1. A man who utters threats in a loud voice need not be taken seriously.
  2. People who often lose their temper and shout in a loud voice are not really to be feared because they are usually harmless.
  3. A man who is given to noisy boasting need not be taken seriously.


fèi quǎn yǎo


语音:英语(John Hung)/普通话(范麗丹




Other Learning: ‘Barking dogs do not bite.’ is a modified version](’虛張聲勢’ / ‘虚张声势’)。





*** The End ***

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