John Sir’s Daily Lesson #72 (约翰老师的每日一课:第72课)

Lesson #72:

(11 November 2018)

“Beauty is but skin deep.”

(English) Meaning:

  1. We cannot judge by looks alone.
  2. A person may be attractive, but he may also be an unpleasant person underneath.
  3. Physical beauty may hide an ugly nature.
  4. Inner qualities, not outward appearance, show the true nature of a person.
  5. A later version is ‘Beauty is only skin deep’.




mào zhǐ guò

shì xiāng zhī


语音:英语(John Hung)/普通话(彭比惠




Other Learning:  

  1. All that glitters is not gold.
  2. Clothes do not make the man. (“人不可貌相” )。
  3. Fine feathers make fine birds.




*** The End ***

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