Other ‘Mates

Today is Friday (6 February 2015) and is no longer the Year of the Horse. Even a few days ago, I did not realize that, but for one of the ‘Mates on WhatsApp. Why is that ?

Last Tuesday night (3 February) saw the last full moon of the lunar year. I mentioned that to a group of ‘mates on A Mate_3WhatsApp. Several of us ‘mates from four different countries had happy chats. Afterwards I had my shower happily, then carried the mates’ jokes with me and went to bed. (I wouldn’t tell you what dreams I had.) Woke up the next morning I read one of the mates’ new posting on WhatsApp. That the day was 立春 was what it said. In other words, it’s the Year of the Ram, meaning that this lunar year started on the day right after a full moon. How rare is that ?

Yes, our moods change, seasons change, and other things may also change; but the memory of our jolly ‘mate hasn’t changed.

*** The End ***

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