Benefits of a Heart Attack

My vision was so bad after I got out of the hospital that I couldn’t read without losing my focus after 5 minutes. I went to have an optical exam yesterday. The optometrist told me that my prescription decreased by about 10 diopters. Hmm, people who have multiple heart attacks must have 20-20 vision.

I’ve written my self-imposed weekly column for 3 years now. Part of that was to fill my own ego of showing people I could write fairly well. Part of that was the primal need to connect with other homo sapiens. Over the years if I got a few responses I would be happy because I knew at least so many people read it. Over the last month or so I received over 300 concerned inquires asking me how I was and why I stopped writing. Perhaps 300 people do like my junk after all?

Despite the fact that I complained about some bad service I received at the hospitals, I don’t have personal grudges against the perpetrators. I need to concentrate to take things in stride and learn to forgive people. Those of you who owe me money, don’t worry about paying me back. I know the debts may be substantial, but they are forgiven. I think you and I are both happier that way. If you are a creditor of mine, will you forgive me too?


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