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I know, between 24-hour TV, Netflix, games on the PC, cell phone, and the myriad of electronic gadgets in this day and age, who has time to read books, right? I like movies and I subscribe to Netflix myself although I don’t have a TV. I have an e-book because I still enjoy a good read once in a while. In case you are low tech like me, listed later in this article are 20 good books recommended by Reader’s Digest.

Among them are some of my favorites:


I can’t resist saying this before I let you go and explore or revisit these wonderful books. It’s the title of “Pride and Prejudice.” If you sent this book to Donald Thome Fole Trump, he might think it is about pride of the white male and prejudice against everybody else. “You know,” he would probably add, “I went to an Ivy League school, the best among the best actually. I studied very hard there. I read many classics to pass my English requirements. As a matter of fact, I read The Vinci Code before software coding was a full time profession and way before the book was published. As a young and promising writer, Dan Brown looked up to me as a mentor. He sent me the first draft of that book and asked for my comments. I told him it was good. Years later he published it. With my help, a BIGLY SUCCESS!”

For the complete list, click the following link:
If you have problems opening the link, try to copy-and-paste it to your search engine. Note: The link’s description mistakenly says 14 books. It’s actually 20. Happy reading!

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