Michael and Keiko (1)

Part I: The Meeting, Spring 1975

“How do you do? My name is Keiko.”

“I am Michael, Keiko-san.”

“Oh, you speak Japanese.”

“I am taking a Japanese class and I know enough to find the toy-e-led-o.”

“You funny, Michael-san.” Michael & Keiko_1

Keiko and Michael met at Portland College。 Keiko was eighteen years of age。 She was a freshman and an English major. Michael was nineteen, a Math sophomore. She found him smart, well read and funny. He found her naive, intelligent, genuine and extremely pretty.

They started doing homework together in the library. She helped him with his Japanese problems. He helped her in Math and English idioms. They drove around in Michael’s pick-up truck to Mount Hood, the Columbia River. When they were together, everywhere was just as good. He showed her how to cook a hamburger. She taught him about sushi in laughter. They were inseparable. They were in love.

One evening, after watching Doctor Zhivago, they became sad and romantic. They shared their innocence like a pair of homesteading doves.

“Michael, I am pregnant.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I missed my period, and I went to see the doctor. She just confirmed it this afternoon.”

“Wow … but that’s great! Let’s get married and become the youngest parents on campus! Maybe the school will give us a baby scholarship.”

*** To Be Continued ***

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