Michael and Keiko (11,12&13)

Part XI: Portland, June 12, 2011

Michael’s whole body was shaking although he did not notice it. He wrote:


You’ve made me the happiest man in the world! Buddha must have chosen you as your mother’s subconscious messenger.

Tell Mom that I am not married (I’ve never been married), and I am still waiting for her to come back to me, if she wants to.

In December 1975 I went to Kyoto to look for her. I went to her parents’ apartment. The person who answered the door told me that they had moved and she did not know their new address.

I would like to come to Kyoto this weekend to see Keiko or as soon as she lets me.

What’s Mom’s e-mail address, phone number? Can I call her?


Part XII: Tokyo Int’l Airport, Arrival Lobby, June 16, 2011

Meiko: “Mother, are you nervous?”

Keiko: “….Yes,….how do I look?”

Meiko: “I’ve never seen you as pretty as you are today, Mother. This beige kimono with the lilies always looks good on you. You’ve been wearing it every year on April 1st because April is the first full month of spring. Right?”

Keiko: “Yes, I told you that. It’s also the day I met Michael.”

Meiko: “Mother, what other secrets are you not telling me?”

Keiko: “Hmm….Let me see…. Did I ever tell you that you were the rebirth of the baby I lost?

You were reincarnated. :)”

Meiko: “Huh, you just made it up, didn’t you?”

An hour later, Michael appeared at the arrival gate. They recognized each other right away.



“You look a little older.”

“You look just as beautiful.”

Part XIII: Tokyo Int’l Airport, Departure Lobby, June 20, 2011

Michael & Keiko_11_12_13Michael: “When you and Meiko come to Portland next month, I am going to find our old bed so that you will get pregnant again.”

Keiko: “You funny, Michael-san.”

Michael: “I love you, Keiko-san.” 

Keiko: “I love you.”

*** The End ***

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