One Small Class Reunion, Two Blonde Jokes

The other day the class of my secondary school had a mini-reunion. It took place in Milpitas, California. (Our alma mater, Wah Yan Secondary School is located in Hong Kong.) It came about in a pro-temp sort of way. David, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, was coming to the San Francisco Bay Area for his niece’s wedding. Lap, who lives in New York, is a good friend of the bride’s family and he was invited too. Bill, Carl, Anthony and I are from the San Francisco Peninsula. Thanks to the efficiency of the internet and the organizational skills of Bill and his lovely wife Grace we managed to get together on short notice and had lunch on the Saturday before the big day of the wedding. David’s wife Grace and Lap’s wife Rowena were gracious enough to join us too. We had dim sum at a place appropriately named Joy Luck Restaurant.

Two Blonde Jokes_1CBlonde people are easy targets of bad jokes. Their beautiful hair causes some natural jealousy among non-blondes. Here’s one from me (who is short, frail, gray and quite envious). I didn’t tell this joke at the gathering that day. I am adding it here for posthumous fun.

A gorgeous blonde traveler from California checks in the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. It’s a beautiful room and he really likes it. He opens the mini-bar and pours himself a glass of Chinese Bordeaux. Then he turns on the TV wanting to relax a bit and trying to catch up with some local news. After much effort the TV won’t work. So he calls the front desk.

“Front desk, this is Joe Mudd, may I help you?”

“Hi, this is room 7086, my TV won’t work.”

“I am sorry, Sir, what seems to be the problem?”

“Well, I tried to turn it on. All I could hear was a humming noise, but there’s no picture.”

“Hmm… did you try to turn it on with the remote control, Sir?”

“No, I pressed the “start” button.”

“I’m sending someone up to your room to look at. By the way, uh, since your room is a suite, there are two TVs. Where is this one located?”

“It sits on top of the mini-bar.”

“Sir, I think that is the microwave you just tried to turn on.”

Needless to say, we had a good time. Old friendship is great. Too bad we had to celebrate it at the expense of people with golden hair. By the way, did you know there are many kinds of blondes? There is the ice-cold blonde as portrayed by Grace Kelly, the bombshell blonde as seen in Marilyn Monroe and the dumb blonde as presented by Jayne Mansfield. What’s your type?

*** The End ***

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