Reader Response to “When You Are Feeling Down”

An old friend EM from Singapore wrote me after reading my article last week:

Response to When you re down_A“I did detect a sense of melancholy in your poem last week but, man, is that a beautiful poem! Some of the best works of art and literature are created in moments of low when the artist or author can channel his deepest feelings into masterpieces. It is a great way of self healing and a real gift.

Hope you feel better this week. You do have human companionship all over the world thinking of and praying for you. Like the story this week, there are even strangers you don’t know of who love you.”

Thank you, EM!

I think his accolades are a lot more generous than I deserve, but I do appreciate the thoughtfulness behind them. I especially like the part where he says “there are even strangers you don’t know of who love you.” I know it is hard to believe but if you’ve been reading my writing on a semi-routine basis, you will know that human kindness is my favorite subject and I’ve cited many examples of such good deeds – the most recent experience was when I was helped by a stranger as I suffered a heart attack on the street. I am embarrassed to say that I still don’t know the identity of that Good Samaritan although I will make sure that I will pay him/her back in paying forward to help others.

Another reader AB of California wrote and told me how she enjoyed the three songs I mentioned last week. She said although she’d heard of Mac Davis, she had not heard of the song “Whoever Finds This, I Love You.” She thought it was a beautiful story and she liked the rendition by Chyi Yu 齊豫.

A third reader, LT, from Canada asked me if the story about the bottle on the bench was real or made up. It was real. These incredulous things do happen if you pay attention to them. Some people find money on the street; I find an unusual message in a bottle. But they do happen. Open your heart and your eyes. What you see in idle things may surprise you.

*** The End ***

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