Response from Readers regarding Diao Yu Tai/Senkaku Islands

Two weeks ago I wrote a piece on the conflict of Diao Yu Tai/Senkaku Islands. Many readers cared enough to Hateful Momentwrite and told me their feelings. Some did not agree with me and some did. I wanted to thank each and every one of you for doing that. Like I said, it’s a lot safer shooting with e-mails here than shooting with guns on some faraway islands.

YL of Taiwan wrote:

“I won’t use the word “hate” to describe this kind of nationalism complex. But I do believe the lessons the history taught us. What we can do is to make us clear that Chinese has no fear today.”

AL of Hong Kong:

“I do agree with you that there are lots of nice and honest people in Japan. But like everywhere
else, there bound to be crooks in any races.”

HL of Canada:

“I agree with your comments that we shouldn’t engender hate, which can escalate into war. Though I have no personal experience with Japanese nationals, I do agree that most of them are good people. It is always the small number of powerful warmongers that incite their fellowmen to be aggressive. It is sad that mankind doesn’t seem to learn from history. That allows history to repeat itself. The world situation now is quite precarious. I just hope that there is no big blunder to trigger a war.”

AC of Canada:




My ex-husband used to study and work in Nagoya. My older sister also spent a few years in Kyoto studying cosmetics, arts and crafts. We all learned Japanese. We have many Japanese friends who are friendly people. Other than taking tourist tours to Japan, I consider that country my top pick for my own vacations. Every time I traveled there, I got a different feeling from all the different locations.

Diao Yu Tai is a political forum. I personally find politicians to be a repugnant group. I admire the nationalistic spirit of the Japanese people, how they look up to their emperor and the mandates from their government. This is in sharp contrast to some of the legislators in Hong Kong who disagree with their government for the sake of disagreement. The end result is a total lack of constructive effect to society. I find that type of behavior abhorrent.

Thank you again, readers!

*** The End ***

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