Trip to Heaven

On October 15 I was having a juicy, fatty and tasty bacon at Burger King. Afterward I walked to my car and collapsed on the parking lot. My vague memory told me that a total stranger helped me back inside and I begged the manager to call an ambulance.

Trip to HeavenBurger King calls this meal the big whopper – a whopper also means a big lie, that almost killed me.

The rest of the story is a compilation of my delirious memory and what the doctors told me. Although not intentionally made up, please read on with the knowledge that it is told by a very sick patient.

Ten doctors at St. Joseph’s Hospital took 10 hours to save my life. My dear friend and Miss H told me that in terms of costs, I’ve made from my insurance company probably millions of dollars.

During my unconsciousness, I met my mother who died 25 years ago. Mother told me that it wasn’t my time and I should go back to earth.

Was mother God? She could be.

I had a condition called aorta dissection. The statistics of surviving that is very small. But I am back with ten movable fingers and toes. Thank you for your prayers – I heard them.


*** The End ***

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