“The Journey to the West” poem recitation: The Monkey King Born to Earth



猴王离开花果山去寻找长生不老的仙方。在路上,他拾得衣衫,偷来鞋帽,溜去饭馆饮酒吃面。一路上,他漂洋过海寻访名师,终于登上灵台方寸山,在斜月三星洞拜见菩提祖师。祖师收他为徒,替他取名孙悟空。从此悟空参禅悟道,学习武艺。终于掌握了七十二般变化真本领  ……




Introduction (English)

Legend had it that in the country of Aolai that was situated beyond the Eastern Pūrvavideha Continent, there laid an immortal rock atop the Flower-Fruit Mountain. On a fateful day, the immortal rock burst open to reveal a stone monkey. The stone monkey befriended his fellow monkeys. One day, whilst searching for the stream’s source, he discovered a Water-Curtain Cave that was a very beautiful and comfortable cave offering shelter against wind and rain. The stone monkey led his fellow monkeys to live in the cave and they embraced him as their king.

In search for an immortal potion of longevity, the monkey king left the Flower-Fruit Mountain. Along the way he stole clothing, shoes and hats. He sneaked into restaurants to drink and eat noodles. He crossed oceans in search of a reputable master. Finally, he climbed the Mountain of Mind and Heart to reach the Cave of Slanting Moon and Three Stars where he met an immortal by the name of Patriarch Subodhi. Subodhi accepted him as a disciple and named him Sun Wukong. From then on, Wukong practiced meditation, learned martial arts and eventually mastered the skills of seventy-two ways of transformation, a shapeshifting ability…

English recitatiion: John Hung (reciter)







诗歌(简体 / 英文)

Cantonese and English recitatiion: John Hung (reciter)

花 果 山 , 水 帘 洞 ,
On the Flower-Fruit Mountain, in the Water-Curtain Cave,

石 猴 蹦 出 住 洞 中 。
a monkey popping out of a stone living there proud and tall.


羣 猴 推 他 做 猴 王 ,
Monkeys all hailed him the Monkey King,

猴 王 真 是 好 威 风 。
and this Monkey King was indeed awe-inspiringly majestic.


忽 为 生 死 而 悲 啼 ,
One day he lamented over the issues of life and death,

要 寻 仙 方 求 长 生 。
and hence he was determined to look for the immortal potion for longevity.


拾 衣 服 , 偷 鞋 帽 ,
He fetched clothes, stole hats and shoes,

喝 酒 吃面 逗 笑 声 。
drank wine and ate noodles, frolicking all the way.


一 路 寻 访 多 打 听 ,
On the journey he kept inquiring,

终 于 来 到 三 星 洞 。
eventually, he made his way to the Cave of the Three Stars.


菩 提 祖 师 收 为 徒 ,
Patriarch Subodhi took him as a disciple,

从 此 起 名 孙 悟 空 。
since then he was named Sun Wukong.


七 十 二 变 学 得 好 ,
Seventy-two ways of transformation he all mastered,

筋 斗 云 翻 在 空 中 。
also learned rolling about cloud-somersault up in the air.


学 有 所 成 出 师 门 ,
He learned everything so well that he could leave his Master,

水 帘 洞 前 起 战 争 。
but a war had just started in front of the Water-Curtain Cave.


一 场 厮 杀 又 开 始 ,
A horrible battle had to begin,

混 世 魔 王 被 战 胜 。
and the Monstrous King of Havoc was overcome.


救 回 儿 孙 来 欢 庆 ,
Celebration and jubilation were held for all the monkey children that were saved,

保 卫 家 园 得 太 平 。
for their home well defended and protected, and peace was given a chance.



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